FAQ's - Watching UK TV Abroad
Your Questions Answered About Sky Dishes, Subscriptions, Channels etc..

Which Sky Channels Can I watch for free in France?

There are over 240 free-to-air channels available to Satellite users in the UK and abroad. These can be received by using a Sky Box, with or without viewing Card, and a satellite dish aligned to the Astra Satellite, or alternatively by using a freesat box. These channels can be received outside of the UK, and through most of mainland Europe

Does Free Really Mean Free? What Will I Have to Pay?

Free to air, really is free. To watch UK TV abroad you will pay only for the installation of a satellite dish capable of receiving the Astra signal, and a receiver box. When you do this with Sky Riviera you know you will be getting the best service, with no language difficulties, at the lowest prices anywhere on the Cote d'Azur. At Sky Riviera we recommend you use the Sky Digibox, as you can easily upgrade to Sky's viewing packages simply buying a Sky subscription through us.

What Size Dish Will I Need to Sky in France?

In most cases a 'normal' Sky satellite dish will provide adequate reception in France. Sky Riviera's expert installers will advise you on exactly the right size of dish, and site of installation for your needs. For a detailed map of the Astra Satellite coverage, click on this link.

Is Watching British Sky TV Abroad Legal?

Sky has broadcasting rights to transmit it's services via satellite to the UK and Ireland, and is therefore not permitted to have subscribers outside this area. Sky Riviera will arrange your viewing card and subscription through a UK address so that Sky TV does not contravene its broadcasting agreement. What we are doing is not illegal under European law and if you subscribe through us it is not illegal either. Obviously, Sky TV can not be seen to permit or promote this, so all dealings with Sky, account problems, subscription changes etc.. have to be dealt with by the Sky Riviera team in the UK. If Sky became aware that you were using your viewing card outside of the UK and Ireland they would be forced to deactivate it.

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