Tooway Broadband Satellite Internet Connection

Tooway is a very versatile satellite broadband system, ideal for domestic and professional users alike … you can buy it, rent it, use it all year round or just for a couple of weeks a year if you wish.

  • Simple Installation
  • First 35Gb Unrestricted Every Month
  • Ideal for Video Streaming
  • Internet Connection Wherever You Are

A UK IP dynamic address is supplied as standard, ideal for accessing UK websites like the BBC iPlayer. We keep Tooway in stock, so come for a demonstration and take the kit away if you like it.

If you're not local, don't worry, we can ship the equipment all over mainland France via our Mail Order service.

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Tooway Extra Satellite Broadband

Essentially, the satellite operator treats web browsing and emails differently from bandwidth hungry applications like video streaming and file downloading. For the first 35GB of your monthly period, there is no difference and web browsing, emails, video and music streaming etc will have no restrictions applied. After 35 GB has been consumed, restrictions start to be applied during congested periods … priority is given to web browsing and emails but video streaming could ‘buffer’ and large file transfers could take longer than normal. During peak periods, only web browsing and emails will be allowed and other traffic could be blocked all together. If you consume more than 100 GB in any monthly period, only emails and web browsing will be allowed and all other activities other than those two will be blocked.

In a nutshell, Tooway Extra is ideal for very regular users and offers uncapped browsing and email traffic. For other protocols, like streaming video, restrictions are applied after 35 GB has been moved during heavily congested periods. After 100 GB, only web browsing and email traffic is allowed. Tooway Extra is not suitable for commercial use nor for supporting large numbers of heavy users.

Off Peak Data Allowance

On Tooway 25, Tooway 40 and Tooway Extra, there is a built in Off Peak period where downloading and uploading doesn’t count towards your monthly allowance. This period is midnight to 6am French time and it’s ideal for scheduling large updates and downloads.

Professional tarrifs, No traffic management restrictions apply you use your data as you wish.

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