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For the ultimate viewing experience, watch Sky in High Defintion (HD) in France. HD TV is the latest viewing technology. It delivers a level of picture and sound quality and clarity not previously experienced by the TV viewer. Make sure you have an HD Ready TV to experience the full glory of High Definition TV

Many broadcasters, including Sky, BBC, ITV, National Geographic & Eurosport already offer HD channels. This number is set to grow, to see these new crystal clear programmes you will need an HD box such as the Sky+ HD High Definition Digi-box.

The latest Sky+ Boxes, 320Gb & 2Tb, can store an amazing 185 and 1180 hours of standard definiton television, or 60 and 350 hours of crystal clear HD TV. These new boxes are all WiFi enabled, increasing the ease of connectivity. If you'd like to have access to the Sky on demand service Catch Up TV from anywhere in the World, then contact us for a solution.

Sky+ HD delivers the latest in TV technology to your front room, digital TV that is up to four times better than conventional digital TV, and all the amazing features of Sky+.  Sky HD offers Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, through a Digital Audio Output, on many Sky HD programmes, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the most complete television experience available.

Watch Sky HD in France with Sky RivieraWith a Sky HD Box customers can already enjoy a significantly upgraded viewing experience on a number of channels including Sky One, Sky Sports, BBC HD, National Geographic Channel, Discovery and Sky Box Office. And many more HD channels will soon follow.

The Sky HD Box has all the excellent features of the standard and Sky + units, plus an increased storage capacity to allow for the larger storage space required by HD TV. These include upgraded interactive programme guide, games and TV features, in addition to the ability to record one channel will recording another, record two channels at the same time, auto-record an entire TV series and pause, rewind & record live programmes.

Future Proof Your TV Viewing

If you want to future proof your TV viewing the Sky+ HD box is the perfect way to do it. If you purchase the Sky+ HD Box you can watch hundreds of free-to-air standard definition TV channels and a growing number of free-to-air HD channels. It is not a well known fact that the following HD channels are FREE to watch through your Sky+ HD Box.

  • BBC HD
  • BBC One HD
  • ITV 1 HD
  • Channel 4 HD
  • Channel 5 HD
  • Sky Insider HD
  • STV HD

If you choose to upgrade to a standard definition Sky subscription through Sky Riviera then you can profit from the increased capacity of the Sky+ HD box to store hundreds of hours of TV on the 320GB or 2TB hard drive. Finally if you decide to go the whole hog and subscirbe to Sky HD then you are perfectly placed to watch the highest quality TV possible.

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