Sky Digi-Box Satellite Receiver
Watch Sky in France on the Classic Sky Box

Watch Sky in France with a Sky DigiboxThe standard Sky Box, is the cheapest and easiest way to watch Sky in France. It has enough features for newcomers to digital TV to marvel at. Not only does the Sky Box provide access to hundreds of Sky Channels, it also has a number of viewing enhancing and interactive features.

In addition to providing access to the core TV service, the Sky Box also offers the easy to use On-Screen Electronic Programmable Guide (EPG) and a wonderful world of games, competitions, shopping and more at your fingertip.

Watch Sky in France with the Sky EPGThe straight forward and easy to understand on screen guide is operated quickly an efficiently from the Sky remote, allowing the viewer to quickly find the right programme, see what is on in the coming hours or even to set a reminder of a future show. The clever on-screen guide also has a favourites feature to allow each user to customise a list of their top channels for even easier future browsing.

The Sky Box also offers a PIN security system so that parents can control which programmes their children can watch.

In terms of the Sky Box's interactive features, the interactive 'red button' is a one button launch pad to a fantastic world of interactive features only digital TV can offer. Through pressing the red button on your Sky remote your Sky Box will provide access to interactive screens that will let you shop, play games and place bets. The red button interactive feature also opens up a number of great extra features on interactive programmes, such as different camera angles and even different events being screened on the same channel at the same time.

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